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AOD101 Training Booking Form

A 3-hour training session focused on alcohol and other drug (AOD) knowledge and intervention. This introduction to AOD is based on highly regarded research and best practice within the AOD field. This workshop will provide you with an understanding of alcohol and other drug problems including information on common substances that are used in Aotearoa, their risks, how you can recognise if someone’s substance use is problematic and what you can do about it.

The training is engaging and highly focused providing information in a concise and structured manner.

  • Workshops are facilitated by a qualified and experienced clinician and covers the following areas:

  • Common substances in New Zealand and their risks

  • Recognising problematic substance use

  • Responding to substance use issues

  • Harm reduction for AOD use

  • Treatment services available and referral pathways

  • Questions and Answers

Toolkit will also provide Health Promotion Agency, New Zealand Drug Foundation and other relevant printed resources for participants.

Cost for the above session: $39 pp (excluding GST).

Thanks for booking with us!
We'll be in touch in 1-3 business days to confirm.


Tuesday 23rd April 2024 9am-12pm


Tuesday 9th July 2024 9am-12pm


98 Greers Rd, Barry Rich Room

Josie Mulhern
Toolkit Training and Development Lead


Phone: 021 242 0889


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