Hayley has been working at Odyssey as the Coordinator of the Toolkit Service since its creation in December 2018. Hayley has had a variety of roles through her working life, including a range of roles at the Department of Corrections, social worker and currently juggles her working life with being a mum of two.

Hayley is committed to working with Toolkit clients to deliver tailored, effective sessions which cater to their organisations specific needs and is excited at what Toolkit has to offer the community in terms of harm reduction, wellbeing and reducing the wider issues of AOD in the community.

Toolkit Consultant

Hayley Edgerton

Tash currently works as the Clinical leader within the Youth Residential Service at Odyssey House and has been part of the Odyssey Team since 2009.  Tash is a registered social worker with RSW and ANZASW and has . a post graduate qualification in Health Science. 
Tash has experience facilitating education and training sessions within the wider community and particularly in the field of domestic violence. She has also developed and delivered a variety of staff training sessions.  
Tash is passionate about change, people finding their freedom to fully express themselves and experiencing personal growth. She especially enjoys training as she likes to share her knowledge and is committed to getting important messages across in a fun, engaging way.  

In her spare time Tash is a professional singer and enjoys this alongside her work with Odyssey. 

Toolkit Facilitator

Tasha Pearce

Jess is an enthusiastic mental health professional who specialises in supporting our community around mental health and wellbeing. A registered Occupational Therapist Jess assists people to connect with meaningful ways of living and recovering.  Jess has a passion for encouraging courageous conversations with individuals and groups about mental illness and how we can take care of ourselves, our whanau and community members.  

Jess has worked for non-government organisations in New Zealand and Australia working primarily with young people and their families offering therapeutic intervention, community support and health promotion. Including presentations to local community groups, agencies and stakeholders. 

Jess brings a vibrant and fresh perspective to the conversations about mental health and with involvement in studying healing modalities Jess can create an environment that effortlessly promotes health and wellbeing. 

Toolkit Facilitator

Jess Findsen

Kate moved to NZ from the UK in 2004, part of the motivation for this move, was to assist with establishing a Buddhist Centre in Christchurch and this continues to be an important part of her life.

Kate has a Diploma in Addiction and Coexisting Disorders, is Social Work registered, with a practising certificate until 2022. Kate currently works as a Social Worker with the ADAS team providing AOD assessments, co-facilitating groups, and undertaking AOD brief intervention.

Kate previously worked as a probation officer for 24 years both in NZ and the UK; specialising in AOD during both of those employments. 

Toolkit Facilitator

Kate Faulkner

Deb’s current position at Odyssey House is Coordinator – IPS - TAKE CHARGE Programme.  Her degree is in Addiction and she has experience working in both inpatient and outpatient services in both management and at the coal face.  She has recently co-developed a motivation and education programme for young people on a WINZ benefit to motivate them to seek work or training.  This involves educating them about how to look after their own mental health, motivating for change, reducing illicit substance use, family systems, conflict resolution and presenting the best you can be.

Deb is interested in education sessions around managing mental health (mild/moderate), education sessions for parents on parenting teens, alcohol and drug education.   She is also a DAPAANZ Registered Supervisor.  Deb’s ability to connect and engage with people from all walks of life makes her an excellent facilitator.

Toolkit Facilitator

Debbie Bradshaw

Josie Mulhern is a well-qualified, experienced therapist who specialises in addiction and mental health.  Josie can take seemingly complex issues or subject material and engage people in a way that facilitates their own understanding and mastery. 

Josie has worked in residential and community based mental health and addiction services and has considerable experience in individual, group and family work in addition to having trained and overseen the work of new and junior staff. 

A little known fact about Josie is that she was actually raised by dogs, Josie also aspires to be the next Robin Hood. 

Toolkit Facilitator

Josie Mulhern

Sally is originally from England, where she trained as an Occupational Therapist, and worked in mental health and community, including a Drug Dependency Unit and Specialist HIV/AIDS service. After travelling to many parts of the world, she chose to settle in New Zealand and has lived in Christchurch for the past 20 years. Sally worked with the Methadone Programme and the Alcohol Drug Helpline, including the Methhelp service, before joining Odyssey House in 2013.  Sally currently works within the Adult Residential programme. 

Sally believes in a holistic approach to wellness; using a flexible, client focussed, strengths based approach to treatment and this comes across in her education workshops also.

Toolkit Facilitator

Sally Hobson

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