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Cutting Edge: I Just Want to Get on With It

It's often that people facing challenges with addiction and/or mental health can feel overwhelmed enough with these problems, that instead of opting for help, it can seem easier to battle through on their own, despite the possibility of change feeling out of reach.

Toolkit has been accepted to present at this years Cutting Edge conference in Ōtautahi, Christchurch in September, along with Downers to showcase our successful collaboration as an example of new and innovative approaches.

With the presentation title being ‘I Just Want to Get on With It’, we will be discussing how those who have experienced challenges around their AOD use and/or mental health often don’t want to undergo intensive or traditional treatment approaches – they, would rather ‘get on with it’ regardless of the seriousness of their struggle.

We understand that change and recovery in the long term is achieved through connectivity, meaning and purpose and for many, these goals are achieved through employment. If someone is willing to give them this opportunity to succeed, it often leads to a boost in confidence, that they’ll be able to break the cycle for good, creating real change in their lives and wellbeing for the better.

Sometimes there are unforeseen challenges along that journey to wellbeing and it’s ideal to have the appropriate support in place ready to help with navigating any obstacles.

Sitting within Odyssey House Christchurch, Toolkit Training aims to deliver minimal, highly flexible, brief support packages to ‘employees with histories ’. We bridge the longstanding gaps between treatment and employment, the voluntary and commercial sectors – meeting both the person and the employer where they are at, with the option of additional support when needed, to help them get their lives back on the right track so that they can ‘just get on with it’.


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