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Please Note: A session may be tailored to your organisation's needs, therefore this is a general guide for the services we can offer.

Informed Choices:
General Alcohol and Drug Education

Fun and interactive, this workshop will result in individuals being able to make informed decisions around their own alcohol and other drug use.  Using a health and harm reduction based approach, facilitators will dispel myths, give accurate information and offer fun activities to engage participants.  Beer goggles games included.

AOD for Professionals Supporting Others

This introduction to AOD is based on highly regarded research and best practice within the AOD field. This workshop will provide you with an understanding of alcohol and other drug problems including information on common substances that are used in Aotearoa, their risks, how you can recognise if someone’s substance use is problematic and what you can do about it.

We have training dates available now, click here for details.

ifferent Types of Stress – Healthy and Unhealthy Responses

Stress is a normal part of our daily lives, and our ability to cope and respond to uncertainty in adaptive ways is crucial to our wellbeing. This session introduces the main types of stress, highlighting healthy and unhealthy responses, and tips and strategies to detect and avoid burnout. An essential workshop for team members, leaders and managers

Wellbeing First Aid:
Nurture and Sustain Mental Wellbeing in a Time of Uncertainty

It’s natural for our emotions to feel up and down during times of uncertainty. This workshop has lots of practical tips and ideas that can be applied immediately to help you look after yourself and support other people. It highlights straightforward ways to reduce the impact of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, so that wellbeing can be nurtured and sustained in the longterm.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:
Getting Real About AOD

General education session engaging the young people with honest and accurate information.  We will look at AOD use from a harm reduction perspective so that people are making educated decisions around their substance use – can be targeted at particular substances if required. We will also provide resources and supports around what is available to them if they wish to make changes.

Workplace Mental Health: 
What is my Role in Creating Change?

This workshop equips managers in the workplace to identify when their staff are feeling distressed, to feel confident to address it with the individual and to have resources they can call on to support their team.  Also covers support pathways for these at risk self harm.

Make safe, Stay safe, Keep safe: 
How to Take a Harm Reduction Approach

This informative session will look at the most common drugs we are seeing in our community, ways to work effectively with people who also  are affected by AOD use, either their own or a loved one.  The focus of this session is a harm reduction perspective that allows us to reframe substance misuse in a way that provides a framework for change.

Prevention is Better than Cure:
How does Alcohol and Drug use Impact on my Organisation? 

This course provides participants with education around what alcohol and drug issues they may be seeing in their workplace and how best to address this. It is focused on an “ambulance at the top of the cliff” approach where potential issues can be addressed early on and access to support is clear. We will provide information to equip participants to feel confident in dealing with alcohol and drug issues, ultimately resulting in a safer, happier and more productive workplace.

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Give, Take Notice, Be active, Connect, Keep learning - This workshop looks at easy steps to improve wellbeing in the workplace using these 5 easy themes. Your team will leave the session with a plan for themselves as to how to improve their wellbeing.

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